• Simple Facebook Schedule for Small Businesses

    Do you have a Facebook profile but aren’t really sure what to do with it? This simple guide will help engage your audience and grow your fans. Remember to always ‘like’ or comment on your fans’ posts as well!

    Simple facebook schedule for small businesses to increase engagement and grow your fans.

    Monday: Humor

    • It’s Monday so keep it light! Find a meme or other image/video on Pinterest or create your own custom graphic. Try to keep the content in your industry or ensure relevancy in some way.

    Tuesday: Relevant Content

    • Share anything positive going on in your industry or an educational topic that relates to your product(s). Ask a question when sharing the content to encourage engagement.

    Wednesday: Interaction

    • Today’s the day to really get your fans involved! Ask a question, conduct a poll, or share a fill in the blank prompt. Encourage your fans to share their thoughts and always engage with them in return!

    Thursday: #ThrowbackThursday

    • Join in on the Throwback Thursday fun by sharing one of your favorite pictures from the past. Maybe it’s a photo from when your business first started or an adorable puppy picture. Remember to add #ThrowbackThursday to your description!

    Friday: Business Photo

    • Share an “inside view” of the happenings in your business. Maybe a picture of an employee snuggling with his dog or some silly mischief. Let people see the real you!

    Saturday: Customer Feature

    • Have customers emailed or shared an image on your social media accounts? Today’s the day to show them off! Share the image or create a graphic with an exceptional customer quote. Always credit the customer in the share!

    Sunday: Deal of the Week

    • Are you going to be putting one of your products on sale? Do you have a promotion or discount code to offer? Maybe you’re working with a blogger who’s holding a giveaway. Share that information today!